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Getting Your Pet Vaccinated in Everett


As a pet owner, your companion’s health is your responsibility. Getting your furbaby vaccinated is one of the best things you can do to protect him or her from a wide range of preventable but potentially deadly diseases, including rabies, parvo, and distemper. Whether you have a cat, a dog, or another type of animal, getting your pet vaccinated in Everett should be one of your top priorities.



Why Getting Your Pet Vaccinated Is Important

Animals need vaccinations when they are young and throughout their lives. Puppies and kittens should receive a series of shots during the first few months of their lives to help keep them safe from potentially devastating diseases. These shots should be repeated at specific intervals over the next several years to help ensure that the animal lives a long, healthy life.


Vaccinating your pet helps prevent the spread of infectious diseases like rabies, parvovirus, infectious hepatitis, Bordetella, feline leukemia, distemper, and many others. It helps keep your pet safe while preventing the diseases from spreading throughout pet populations in your area. Some diseases, like rabies, are transferrable to humans, so vaccinating your pet can help keep you and the rest of your family safe, too.


When it comes to your pet’s health, a bit of prevention can save you a lot of money as well. Vaccinations are less expensive than treating diseases, so they are a smart investment for anyone who loves their animals. Keep in mind, too, that some vaccines are required by law. Cats and dogs usually have to be vaccinated against rabies once they have reached a certain age.


Getting Your Pet Vaccinated in Everett

Getting your pet vaccinated in Everett is easy, affordable, and sets your companion up for a lifetime of good health. Talk to your vet today to learn what vaccines your pet needs and to set up a schedule. Whether you’ve recently acquired a puppy or kitten or you have an older animal and aren’t sure of its vaccine status, your vet can help you ensure that your companion has everything he needs.


If you have any questions about getting your pet vaccinated in Everett, please feel free to reach out to us here at Everett Veterinary Hospital.


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