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Helpful Tips on Pet Boarding in Marysville When You’re Away From Home


Caring for your furry friend brings ultimate joy. But you’re naturally worried when you need to make a trip and leave your pet behind.

Many pet parents resort to the services of a nearby pet boarding in Marysville because:

  •         Traveling with pets can be exhausting.
  •         Your pet may not adjust to your schedule when you're busy.
  •         It’s convenient to leave them in a boarding facility with a well-trained staff.

At the Everett Veterinary Hospital, we offer safe and loving conditions to board your pet. We make sure our boarding facilities feel like home, and we care for our guests as we would our own family.


Cleanliness and Environment

A friendly, safe, and healthy environment is essential for your pet’s well-being. If the cages and kennels are cramped, smelly, or messy, pets are more likely to be at risk of harmful diseases caused by bacteria or viruses.

That’s why we keep our facility clean and hygienic. You won’t find any choking hazards or trash that can harm your pet in our living or activity areas. We disinfect our facility frequently, too.

Vaccination and Medical Care

To ensure safe pet boarding in Marysville, we have a proper vaccination protocol, as well. It matters for the health and safety of your furball. Rabies, distemper, parvovirus, and kennel cough are some diseases that need a firm vaccination policy. Also, we have a vet on board to administer the pills or shots that your pet needs regularly.

Space and Activities

Our facility is large enough to provide a comfortable boarding experience for your pet. Dogs need open space to run, and your kitten feels better with scratching posts and climbing areas.

Hence, we have heated runs for dogs to play and romp around. Also, we house cats in the clean and comfortable cages with individualized care. Our fences don’t have holes or sharp edges that may hurt your fur baby while they’re running and playing.

Schedule Pet Boarding in Marysville and Forget Your Worries

To get the best and the safest staying option for your fur baby, look no further than Everett Veterinary Hospital. We have a team of pet boarders and vets to look after your dog or cat.

From top-notch medical care to science diet, we offer the best we can for pets staying with us. Click here to check availability or ask questions about pet boarding with us.



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