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Protect Your Pet Hot Weather with These Pet Summer Safety Tips From a Vet near Marysville, WA


With summer coming up fast, now is the time to learn how you can help your pet beat the heat. When the temperature rises, it's vital to understand how to keep your canine companion or feline friend safe and out of harm's way. At Everett Veterinary Hospital, we’re here to help.  Read on to discover some helpful pet summer safety suggestions from a vet near Marysville, WA.

Stay Off Hot Pavement

Your dog’s paws are more sensitive than you might think. Paved surfaces get extremely hot during the summer and can cause serious burns. Black asphalt is often up to 60° hotter than the ambient air temperature, and severe burns can occur in under a minute. Avoid asphalt, concrete, and other hard surfaces, as much as possible during the summer. If walking on pavement is your only option, use your hand to see how hot it is. If you are not able to comfortably keep your hand on it for at least 10 seconds, your dog can't walk on it without risking serious burns to their paws. Consider buying a pair of booties to protect your dog's paws when they have to walk on hot pavement. If your dog isn’t a fan of booties, find a different route where your dog can walk on grass. 

Leave Your Pet at Home – Not in a Hot Car

It only takes 30 minutes for the inside of a car to reach 120° on an 85° day. And leaving your windows cracked or parking your car in a shady location doesn't do much good. Leaving your car running with the air conditioning switched on isn't a safe idea, either. Even brand-new cars can have mechanical problems, and it's possible for pets left alone in cars to accidentally turn off the air conditioner or even bump the vehicle into gear. Leaving a pet alone in a car is extremely dangerous and can turn deadly in an instant. It just is not worth the risk.

Visit a Vet near Marysville, WA, for Parasite Prevention

People are not the only ones who love the summer season. Fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes (which carry heartworm) do, too. Scheduling an appointment with a vet near Marysville is the best way to keep your pet up to date on safe and effective flea, tick, and heartworm preventatives.

Does your dog or cat need a vet near Marysville, WA? If so, our compassionate team would love to be entrusted with their care. Contact Everett Veterinary Hospital today to schedule an appointment.



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